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In-School Program

Elevate Education Within Classroom Walls
Unleash Potential with PIEX’s In-School Programs, where students delve into coding, 3D modeling, 2D animation, and 3D game design. Aligned seamlessly with the curriculum, our hands-on experiences ignite passion, enhance learning, and equip students for the tech-driven world

Industry Knowledge

Our coaches have industry knowledge in computer science, engineering, animation and more.

Students Centered

Our programs are aimed to promote children's autonomy and independence.

Conducive Environment

Children work in a conducive environment to have the best learning experience.

What's covered in the PIEX in-school courses for kids?

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Skills your child will develop through our in-school programs?

Develop Creativity and Imagination

Develop Design Thinking Skill

Develop Storytelling Skill

Our cross-curricular programs are aligned to the school curriculums.

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5 x 1 hour lessons

*additional costs for printing of 3D models

10 x 1 hours lesson

*additional costs for printing of 3D models


“I love it!
It was amazing!”

Russell, student

“Students engagement was high.”

Emma Privett, teacher

“It was really fun!”

Albert Reed, student

“Enjoying with PIEX over the past 2 year.
Allowed students to develop strong understanding and skills.”

Victoria Mills, teacher

“Students are engaged and enjoy the lessons very much!”

Mona Gippert, teacher

Exploring Kids' Past Projects

Witness Student Brilliance through previous In-School 2D animation, 3D modelling and coding Programs

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Frequently asked questions

Does my child need to bring their own laptop and robots?

We will supply the devices and equipment required throughout the whole program.

How many kids are there in each classroom?

Class sizes vary depending upon location. Regardless of the class size we maintain incredibly strong coaches to students ratio so all kids get the attention and support they need. Class sizes typically range from 20 to 30 children with usually one lead coach and 2-3 assistant coaches (depending on number of students).

Are the coaches trained in first aid?

Yes, we always ensure that at least 2 coaches are first aid qualified for each program.

Do the coaches have Working With Children Check?

It is mandatory that all our coaches have Working With Children Check before starting work at PIEX.

Do parents need to be present at the program?

Parents do not have to be present at the program. At the end of each program, parents will be invited to watch their kid’s presentation.

Why put kids with different ages together?

Our program is designed to simulate real life experiences where kids from all ages, genders and cultural/social backgrounds are required to work together. We encourage kids to work with each other and be mindful and considerate.

We as a company are striving to develop a program that does not discriminate gender or age and make the effort to encourage all students, especially ‘less confident kids’, to engage in our activities and to not be afraid to fight stereotypes and show that anything is possible despite their gender and age. We encourage the children to be confident in themselves and to overcome obstacles that they face.

What is the benefit of attending the PIEX program?

We designed our program activities to stimulate self-directed learning, creative thinking, team work, project design and management, and presentation skills. All our materials and instruction guides are developed by Experts based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) themes which promotes deep learning, inter-disciplinary knowledge and day to day practical application. Similarly, the activities also illustrate to the children the importance of persistence, collaboration, communication and problem solving skills. Children discuss, brain-storm, share and communicate their ideas with one another while working on their projects. The children also cultivate and foster friendship with each other.

How long does the holiday program run each day?

Each Holiday program runs from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Drop off time is from 8.45am and pick up time is between 4.00pm to 5.00pm.

What should I pack in my child’s bag?

Parents are required to pack morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and drinks for their child/ren. Please ensure that it is nuts free. Our coaches will be there to supervise the children at each meal. Every child should have a hat for outdoor. Please make sure that they have sunscreen on before arriving.

Are the kids working on the laptops all day?

Our goal is to use technology as a median to spark interest, creativity and learning. Therefore, we use of laptops during coding and robotics sessions. However, the central focus of our program is to cultivate learning through play! Hence, a large portion of our programs involves team building challenges, science experiments, presentations and group discussions where laptops merely act as a facilitation tool.

How long does the After-School program run each day?

Each After-School program runs from 3.30pm to 5.00pm. Our coaches usually pick up the kids at the school canteen before class. Pick up time is at 5.00pm.

What should I pack in my child’s bag?

Parents are required to pack afternoon tea and drinks for their child/ren. Please ensure that it is nuts free. Our coaches will be there to supervise the children at each meal.

How long is each in-school program lesson?

We provide 5 hours in-school program which could be completed in 5 to 7 lessons, depending on the duration of each lesson. We are happy to tailor it to suit your school’s needs

Does the school need to supply devices?

Yes, children will be using the school laptops or iPads for the in-school programs

Can we customize the programs to match specific topics and themes

Yes, we can tailor our in-school programs to align with your preferred themes and topics and also aligned to the school curriculum